The Amber Dogs

The Amber dogs are very important members of the project. They are available for young (and not so young!) people to borrow, as a reminder that there is somebody out there who cares.

Amber   AmbTopazdog Amber is  a very important member of the team. He attends lots of the workshops and seizes every opportunity to travel. He also attends appointments with young people and will go almost anywhere when additional support is needed.
Amethyst   ambamethyst Amethyst came to Amber via a well-known recruitment site!  Since she joined, she has been travelling and learnt lots about the NHS while attending appointments with young people.  
Coral had joined the offlice staff room and cuddling is her favourite hobby.
Emerald   ambemerald Emerald joined the project in our10th Anniversary year.  He is the third of the 'huggable' size dogs.
Garnet is another new recruit, and is, for an Amber dog, relativly quiet.  She is still slightly uncertain about having too many adventures but very pleased to be able to give support to any one who needs it.
Jade   Jade Due to the increasing work load at 'Amber', Jade has joined the team of 'huggable' dogs. Jade is settling in well and enjoys helping visitors to the project feel welcome.
Jasper   AmbJasperdog
Jasper, the first of the 'huggable size' dogs, has moved from the office up to the counselling room, where he feels very much at home, giving hugs to those who need them.
Picture of Jet
Jet is currently finishing training with a member of the ACT team and is really looking forward to starting work with the project. Jet is particularly interested in working with young people who are exploring their gender identity.
Opal & Sapphire   Puppies Inspired by their mum, Ruby's, work at The Amber Project two of her puppies have joined the project and we are delighted to announce that Opal and Sapphire (Saffy) have completed their training and are now full members of the team.
Onyx   Onyxe Since joining the project, Onyx, who is a fairly quiet dog, has certainly found her adventurous side - she has been to the Greenbelt Festival several times, and has the tags to prove it!  She feels that after camping in almost every weather (except snow), she can cope with most situations - she hopes....
Peridot, or Peri, has joined the growing team as P.A. to Caryl.  He attends training and conferences where he helps to network with other organisations. He is hoping to get the hang of taking notes at some point....He has also enjoyed a number of interesting trips when Caryl goes on holiday!
Ruby   RubyDogamb Ruby recently had another litter of beautiful puppies and has now returned to work. Once again she enjoyed her maternity leave but is delighted to be back in work, which she says is easy in comparison to looking after lively, mischievous puppies.
Spinel is proud to be Amber's rainbow dog. 
Topaz   AmbAmberdog2 Topaz is kept piercing free, which allows her to attend A and E with young people and she is usually able to stay on the ward to offer support to in-patients.

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