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Free research papers on evangelism and/or fresh expressions of Church


Welcome to SCOLER

('Scoler' in Chaucer's Middle English glossary is a noun meaning 'student')

(The Sheffield Centre is the former name of Church Army's Research Unit)

The purpose of this library is to make deeper thinking around evangelism and fresh expressions of Church available to people who want to study further, and to demonstrate this learning to the wider Church. The focus of study is normally the UK context, and will benefit the understanding of how the Church shares the good news of Jesus. If you would like to add your own thesis to the library, please click SCOLER information for authors to download the guidelines that will help you through the process.

Searching the library

You can search our library by using the filters below. To reset the filter, click on the SCOLER link again in the sidebar. The filters allow you to refine your search by level (MA or PhD), whether we have the full document or just an abstract, whether it was written in the UK or abroad, and the topic(s) covered. 

When you click on a title you will get more information and a link to the validating college.

Please click here to see our SCOLER links page.

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Title of ThesisAuthorDate of Thesis
Apostolic Preaching in a postmodern ContextWilliam Wade01 Aug 2012
Is Methodism as an inherited church able to resource ‘a disproportionate emphasis on apt evangelism’?Elaine Lindridge01 Jun 2012
Crossroads: An Exploration of the Emerging-Missional ConversationRobert Doornenbal01 May 2012
Can Reverse Hospitality be Effective in Christian Mission Today?Jeremy M Sorsbie01 May 2012
The Concept of Power Evangelism and Methodism in ZimbabweRichman Ncube01 May 2012
Future Church: Envisioning the Church of England in Southern Ryedale in the Second Decade of the 21st CenturyRevd Peter Hugh Bowes01 Apr 2012
‘Making Disciples’ – the Implications of the Great Commission for Youth EvangelismJo Dolby01 Sep 2011
A strategy for planting a simple church network in the West Midlands of EnglandTimothy C. Aho01 Aug 2011
A Theological Reflection on the Apologetic Potential of UK Christian Street PatrolsJonathan K Creber01 Jul 2011
How can secular film be used to explore faith issues in small interactive groups in contemporary society?Louise Tinniswood01 Jul 2011
Spiritual Discernment in Pioneer MinistryRevd Mark Neil Rodel01 Jul 2011
Finding Their Own WayMalcolm Chamberlain01 Mar 2011
The Seeming Decline of the Free Churches in EnglandTrevor Gerhardt01 Feb 2011
The Missional Impact of the Creation Theology of Early Celtic ChristianityMike Gilbert01 Nov 2010
Self Supporting Ordained Ministry in Canterbury DioceseRobert Stevenson01 Aug 2010
Spirit Christology and MissionLucy Peppiatt01 Jul 2010
An analysis and evaluation of fresh expressions of Church from the perspective of the UK Elim movementGary Gibbs30 Jun 2010
The Good News GaggedDavid Andrew Newton30 Mar 2010
Emerging Expressions: How Social Trends are Impacting the Christian ChurchPatrick Littlefield05 Mar 2010
Intentional strategic community infiltrationAlan Hough11 Jan 2010
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