Carolyn Kinsman, 25/05/2017
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How can your company partner with Church Army?

  • Nominate us as your “Charity of the Year” – helps to unite and motivate employees. We can provide materials, exciting fundraising ideas to suit all levels and support to help build a successful partnership.
  • Fundraising activities within the workplace which boosts team morale. Organise corporate challenges and events.
  • Can you donate your products or expertise? Clothes, computer equipment, sports equipment, food, toiletries, pro bono services. By donating a gift in kind you can showcase your products and services.
  • Corporate donations – they are easy to set up and often subject to tax relief through approved schemes.
  • Payroll giving – a simple way for employees to make regular, tax-free donations, donations coming straight from salaries before tax is deducted. It is quick and easy to set up and a great way to demonstrate a commitment to the causes your employees care about. It gets your employees involved in making a difference and enhances the charitable giving of your business. For your employees it is simple, flexible, tax effective and they can collaborate with colleagues for a bigger impact for the charity.
  • Employer matched giving. Whether your employees are fundraising, volunteering or donating matched giving means you can match their achievements.
  • Volunteering and staff engagement. Could your employees take time out of the working week to volunteer at a Church Army project?
There are so many ways your company can support us as we seek to bring change and hope to those on the margins of society.
Carolyn Kinsman, 25/05/2017