Carolyn Kinsman, 23/05/2017
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Who should I leave what to?

At Church Army we believe that your loved ones should always come first and will always be your number one priority when making your Will, but many people find that even after they have done this they can leave something to a cause they hold dear.

A gift to charity does not have to be large, it can be £1 or 1% of your estate, but whatever the size of the gift it can be a great opportunity to make a huge difference after your lifetime. Anything you leave us, big or small, can play a big part in our future work. Whatever you can afford to leave us we promise to use it to help take the gospel to those on the margins. If you are able to consider leaving a gift to Church Army we would be very grateful.

Gifts to charities can also have the advantage of being highly tax efficient as by choosing to leave a gift to charity it could effectively reduce any tax your loved ones would have to pay. Our Guide to Inheritance Tax sets out further information.

We understand that the contents of your Will are a big decision and we would encourage you to discuss these decisions with your loved ones, especially if you do decide to leave a gift to charity – we tend to find that most families are proud of the gift their loved ones leave to charity as it is a reflection of what mattered to that person during their lifetime.

Leaving a gift in your Will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can support us.

Carolyn Kinsman, 23/05/2017