What we do


The vast majority of our time is spent working with children and young people in various settings. That includes schools, after school clubs, RE days and lessons in schools, holiday clubs, plus Messy church and special one-off events.

I also go out and preach to many churches, especially for all age events and also mini mission weekends to help enable and encourage churches to work with children, by giving them the right strategies to do so.

We use a variety of methods to present the gospel: Storytelling using different mediums, music both live and using DVDs, and computer graphics.

Illusions are a great method to show and illustrate the Gospel message, and young people love the flaming Bible and also other tricks which grab their attention.

Story bags are a wonderful way of showing Bible stories, using their imaginations as they see the story unfold before them.

Story telling using character drama helps young people to experience the events as someone witnessing and telling the story from their perspective, and is an enlightening way of presenting Bible stories. You can read my latest newsletter here.