To me, work in schools is vital, and we have this wonderful opportunity right on our doorsteps in most areas.


GrahamNunnMaidstone180110-026Assemblies are one way of interacting with the whole school at once and putting across a Gospel message. I hope that our assemblies are fun, entertaining and relevant to the children and schools we minister to.  Computer graphics, balloons, illusions, story telling and drama are all used to help the young people see the wonder of being a Christian. In particular we use music and visual media to enable young people to see the wonders of His creation.



Bible Explorer

Bible Explorer Old Testament is 5 sessions lasting one hour each week for school years 5 and 6. It tells the story of the Old Testament with kinesthetic teaching. We are constantly reviewing our delivery of this course, and schools are very interested in having us come and take the RE lessons for a term to enable this to happen.

Bible Explorer is a junior version of Walk Thru the Bible. Using hand signs to illustrate key words, it allows the bible storyline to be developed through the key word and signs associated with the story, which allows the children to remember the main stories of the Old Testament.

We use drama, story, DVDs, computer graphics and also interactive story-telling to allow the children to use their imagination in the Bible storyline.

RE Lessons

Sometimes we are asked to help a school with their RE syllabus and we are able to help especially with Easter and Christmas lessons.

BRF Barnabas Days

I am also a freelancer for Bible Reading Fellowships Barnabas team. These days booked through BRF are workshop based class sessions, starting with a school assembly then group work throughout the day. Using drama and games, Godly-play ideas and stories, we allow the children to think through the subjects which are planned. This allows them to think and wonder about God's world. The subjects include:

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