I run 2 CPAS camps for young people during the summer holidays: Brymore 1 for those aged 12-16, and Brymore 2 for those aged 8-12. These two camps run at the same time on the same site, with the children and young people joining together for meals. 

These camps are great fun and we have a range of different activities to show and share. The site is fantastic with large grounds and a new accommodation block.  We have:

  • a fantastic team of leaders who give their all to the young people,
  • celebrations which have a mixture of worship, talks, quizzes and videos.
  • Workshops, a swimming pool, sports, drama, outings and also Hunt the Spy and now 'I'm a Leader, Get Me Out of Here!'

The young people have a fantastic time and over the years we have seen many young people come to faith and become true disciples.  Here are some reflections from two leaders at Brymore:

"When I first came to the camps at Wimborne, I came for the fun and meeting of new friends from all over, the excitement and entertainment as well as to learn more about Jesus! When I became a leader, I realised God's call for us to serve. I found out what joy it gives you to share God's love with young people and to help them along in their journey of faith. I love sharing my story and building relationships with the campers. Now at Brymore, the camp is a high point of my summer and I love the way it continues to challenge and stretch me and the way that God always shines through!" Alex Clark

"I came to camp originally with friends from church, it made a massive impact on my life and Christian journey. It was a turning point, the pieces of the 'Christian story' came together and the bigger picture made more sense. This was all because of the leaders enthusiasm and there was something about the leaders that was different, they had something that I wanted to be a part of, that 'something' I discovered to be the love of Jesus. I continued to go on the camps for as long as I could, and knew I wanted to become a leader. I now go to give something back and allow God to work through me, hopefully to make an impact in the lives of young people, I want to offer a similar amazing experience for them, the same fun and exciting time I had, and at the same time help others grow closer and go" James Alder

The camps are a marvellous way of reaching young people with the Gospel message. If you are interested in sending children/young people on one of these camps then please get in touch or visit  
Brymore 1 
Brymore 2