Church Army Residential Services Cardiff


Church Army Residential Services Cardiff is a project of Church Army, who established its work with homeless young people in 1984. Our work is based on the Christian principles of hope, justice and love, the service offered being relevant to the needs of homeless young people within a person centred support, education and development programme.

Since 1984 Church Army has provided accommodation to over 1600 homeless young people.  Aged between 16 and 21yrs old many of these young people arrive at our doors from many different backgrounds, because they have no where else to call home and no one else to look after them.

Young people will receive support to acquire skills required for move on, such as - Welfare benefits; Training and employment; Tenancy rights; Cooking/domestic skills; Social skills/networking; Budgeting skills; Coping skills.

Support is provided following the Welsh Assembly Government Supporting People Service Aims of -

  • Ensuring people feel safe and secure in their own home and within the community
  • Service users have opportunities to extend their skills, interests and friendships
  • Service users feel able and better equipped to manage a home and live in a community as result of receiving support
  • People access the project and have their needs assessed and met in a planned way through direct and indirect support
  • Occupants feel consulted , informed and able to participate in the project
  • People feel supported by staff who have been appointed, recruited, trained and supported by the service provider

Young people wishing to access the services of Church Army Residential Services Cardiff at Ty Bronna must fulfil the following criteria -

  • Single male and female
  • Aged between 16 and 21 years
  • Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, living in unsuitable accommodation or leaving care
  • Eligible for statutory benefits or supported by an income
  • Prepared/willing to subscribe to the policies and procedures of the project
  • Able to benefit from support provided
  • Willing to sign and comply with the relevant licence agreement and house rules