Ty Bronna


Ty Bronna is situated in the Fairwater district of Cardiff and serves young people aged between sixteen and twenty one. They offer the young people various services including:

Short term accommodation for those that find themselves homeless or in desperate need

Help into suitable longer term accommodation through the stepping stones of the three levels of service leading to full independent accommodation.

Support with emotional and physical needs met in conjunction with other agencies.

Assistance in accessing activities and pursuing leisure and hobbies opportunities.

Assistance in accessing training, education and employment opportunities.

Life skills training, including:
  • Cooking workshops twice a week.
  • Budget and money advice
  • Computing skills
  • General life skills
  • Practical independent living skills development

The project has a heart for seeing young people get a fair chance in life.

Ty Bronna is the first stage of accommodation that Church Army Residential Services Cardiff offers, providing 24 hour supported housing for up to 13 young people aged 16-21 years old.

Ty Bronna's aim is to equip young people with the skills they need to move on and be resettled into their own independent accommodation. With the input of a support worker, each young person will participate in an individual needs led assessments focusing on their identified hopes and goals for future development, and each young person will embark on a personal development plan that will include participation in training/education, managing their own and the shared living space, budgeting management, personal development and all aspects of independent living skills development.

Many young people have arrived at the project in desperation and leave with hope for the future, enriched from the care and support they received, developed from the individual training provided and more prepared to be able to cope with the demands of everyday living.

They leave secure in the knowledge that they have somebody there to go back to who will be able to share their successes and achievements with them or to give them help if things go wrong.

Quotes from past and present residents

  • "Somewhere to stay when having a really bad time, helping keep the past where it belongs, able to get support after leaving"
  • "I think that there should be more value given to it and a lot more help and support. It does a lot of good for a lot of people"
  • "Without it there would be a lot more people on the streets"
  • "It helped me back on my feet"
  • "It changed me from somebody who did not have a clue into someone who can just about run their own flat"