Ty Danescourt


Ty Danescourt is considered to be the second stage of accommodation that Church Army Residential Services Cardiff has to offer, providing supported housing for up to 6 young people aged 16-21 years old. As such this provides young people with the opportunity and freedom to manage their own lives but still have access to staff support for those crisis/emergency times.

Young people have their own front door key and manage their own sleep patterns, although there is a communal lounge, kitchen and bathroom facilities, to encourage continued socialisation and peer support.

Based on the notions of equality of opportunity, participation and achievement, each individual will be able to determine the assistance and support required for the successful transition to independence but without the confines imposed of the communal environment that exists in a larger hostel.

During most of the day it is envisaged that the majority of Young People will be engaged in either employment training or education activities. If not they will be encouraged and assisted to decide what path they wish to pursue for their future development. Support and guidance will be given and if necessary a Young Person will be escorted to initial appointments until they are able to find their own way 'around the system'. As training and education of some kind will be a condition of residency, the environment of the service will be conducive and enabling for each Young Person to achieve their goal.

With the input of a support worker, each Young Person will embark on a personal development plan that will include participation in training/education, managing their own and the shared living space, budgeting management and personal development. Each young person will be supported in continuing the development of the skills required for full independent living, as part of our aim for successful long term independent living.