For over 120 years, we have been committed to working in the most difficult and challenging spaces in our communities. We don’t shy away from the difficult situations or from hard work. Instead we embrace it to make lives better.
A centre of mission is a focus of our gospel sharing. Two evangelists work in local communities where there is great need or where there is little or no meaningful relationship with church.
We put our faith in to action and seek to bring God’s Kingdom here on earth through our key projects across these islands.
Church Army's Research Unit - seeing and sharing what God is doing in mission
Find out more about exploring your vocation to ministry with Church Army.
At the Wilson Carlile Centre we pride ourselves on offering quality, affordable conferencing and accommodation. We offer a great, personalised experience right in the heart of Sheffield.
Church Army's evangelism training for young adults (aged 18-30) that runs alongside the rest of life through weekly online support and training in evangelism.
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