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Our vision and values: What do we stand for? 

We put our vision in place through following our DARE strategy. DARE has four objectives that underpin our work.

Doing evangelism
Advocating evangelism
Resourcing evangelism
Enabling evangelism

Everything we do is underpinned by our values. We are:

Prayerful -  We listen for God's voice and want to be obedient to him. We want to be like Jesus in our actions and witness. 
Expectant - We are hope-filled, expecting God to do new things among us.
Risk-taking - We have a long heritage as a pioneering movement. We give colleagues permission to seek to do new things.
Accountable - We are accountable to God and others. We want to be reliable and live responsibly to high professional standards.
Collaborative - We are committed to partner with those who share our values; we believe it enhances our work.
Generous - We want to model God's generosity to others.
Unconditional - We will serve anyone regardless of their age, gender, race, sexuality, ability, status or circumstances because God loves everyone and everyone is significant in his eyes.

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Hannah Ling, 19/05/2017