Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017
Leslie's doctor insisted he go immediately to hospital due to severe back and leg pain. During the hour ambulance ride, Leslie was able to share his faith with the ambulance crew!
Leslie Tennant
Debbie reflects on the meaning of hope in the context of the pandemic and Easter, and shares how she's seeing Gloucester and Forest Centre of Mission bring hope in Coleford.
Debbie Orriss
Baking Buddies gives families in the Shankill area of Belfast an opportunity to work on something together and learn a new skill during lockdown. Karen explains why they're doing it and shares an easy soda bread recipe for you to try!
Karen Webb
This Easter, Des Scott retires after 30 years of faithful service with Church Army. Chris catches up with him before he leaves to find out about his time with us, from youth worker to CEO!
Des Scott
Chris shares what he's learnt through his own experiences of suffering, how he's held onto God through the difficulties, and how God uses your situation in ways you never envisaged!
Chris Brann
Andy has over 15 years of experience working with young people, creating church for young people and run by young people. He shares stories of actively listening to teenagers and encourages us to do the same.
Andy Milne
Kelvin moved to a new area shortly before COVID-19 and so didn't have much time to get to know people. He shares how he's been able to share his faith with his barber and his neighbours even whilst the coronavirus pandemic continues.
Kelvin Bolton
Waterways Chaplaincy - part of the Church Army family - meets many isolated people or in financial difficulty along the waterways. This is one story of where Waterways chaplains were able to draw alongside and practically support a struggling family.
Jan Wayment
Robin is a little bit obsessed with Christmas lights... which reminds him of some things that Jesus says about us being a light.
Robin Webb
During this pandemic, there's been lots of frustration, anxiety, and disappointment, but there's joy and hope to be found too. Gerry shares a story of where he found joy and hope recently.
Gerry Dillon
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Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017