Dundee Centre of Mission

Kerry Dixon and Stuart Budden are based at our centre of mission in Dundee, which was launched in September 2014, in partnership with St Luke’s Church Downfield in Dundee, the Diocese of Brechin and the international development agency Signpost International. Dundee is Scotland’s fourth largest city and has some of the highest rates of unemployment and drug-related deaths in the UK. Among the Dundee Centre of Mission’s key objectives are growing new expressions of Christian community and inspiring mission and evangelism within the Scottish Episcopal Church. Its work includes: Soup ‘n Soul, a weekly event offering food and friendship for people with difficult life circumstances, including the homeless and those with substance abuse problems; Pirate Monks, a weekly group meeting that encourages and challenges men in their daily faith walk; Café church; mentoring, home visits and providing support to vulnerable and marginalised people in the area.

Carolyn Kinsman, 09/06/2017

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Hannah Ling, 06/06/2017