Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017
Julie and Zach at our Scottish Borders Centre of Mission run three children’s groups in the village of Newcastleton. Cal shares how those groups have encouraged her children's faith.
Fatima* (36) was born in Somalia and grew up in Holland. A year ago, she was a lonely and frightened woman, sleeping rough on the streets of London. Her life has taken a 180-degree flip.
The Scottish Borders Centre of Mission helps men battling addictions, disease, low self-esteem and difficult life circumstances through outdoor activities such as walking football, hill-walking and cycling. Peter shares his story.
Robbie (70) hasn’t had an easy life. From feelings of abandonment by his mother to the death of his two children, he’s often felt very alone. He shares with us how God took him “out of a dustbin and into a palace.”
Our Marylebone Project is UK’s largest women’s hostel for women affected by domestic violence and homelessness. Here are just three short stories of how the Marylebone Project has made a difference to these women's lives.
Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017