Carolyn Kinsman, 14/01/2020

introducing the volunteer facilitator! 

Hello! I'm Eleanor and my job has been created entirely for volunteers. I am passionate about volunteering because, when done right, volunteering can be just as rewarding and fruitful for the volunteer as it is for the organisation. We want our volunteers to be supported, celebrated and fully integrated into the life and community of Church Army.

We're so thankful to our volunteers, so for Volunteers' Week we made a short video to express our thanks. Watch this video.
Carolyn Kinsman, 14/01/2020
Hear from some of our volunteers about their experiences volunteering with Church Army.
Are you already volunteering for us? Have a story to tell? Get in touch and tell us about your volunteer experience
We'd love to talk to you to find out how you could get involved in giving your time and skills to support our work.
Carolyn Kinsman, 15/01/2020
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